Sunday, July 25

Body Massage Machine

I was told off by my manager at my retail job this afternoon- because my sweat pants were not part of "their" image (bullshit, other staff have dressed worse). Grr, I hate when managers rant about the lamest fucking things, they need to remember that this is RETAIL and the world will not end if Suzie-employee has sweatpants on that are faded.

So when the store was quiet before we closed I chilled out in the body care section of the store.

Which resulted in giving myself massages with the vibrating massagers we sell.

Which made me think about Steve and his stories about masturbating in his work bathroom- the private empolyees' bathroom at a music store, but still. Other employees jerked off in there too. Well, I guess only male employees. I can't imagine being able to get off in a bathroom at work.

But with the help of a vibrating back massager?
Inside the store? Next to the merch?

If I get enough support for this, it can happen. Unless of course yous all don't think it's a good idea?