Tuesday, July 20

"can I fold you a towel?"

Right now it is like, thunder storm to the max outside. Rainey, and thunder booming about every 5 seconds. Days like this make it impossible to do anything. Which is why I stayed in bed until 2pm today, with my window open, listening to the rain.

Oh the joys of not working full-time!
(I love the ghetto-poorness that comes with it, too!)

I did work last night. At the retail job, where I sell towels and bath supplies. It's an American store, and so they're all "customer service!!"- actually, they call customers GUESTS, how lame.

The concept of being waited on, and the customer being right, and making sure everything is tidy is such a weird western (coff, American, coff) cultural phenominon. People don't need to be babied. I think that there should be stores with no customer service, or minimal customer service. Learn how to shop for yourselves, or don't shop at all.

But I do know how to fold a towel about a thousand ways now. Each towel gets a differnt fold- be it a hand towel, bath sheet, finger towel, bath mat... I can do it! Annd I sound like a towel geek. Fab.

Who invents folds anyway? Who made them all up and standardized them for world-wide (er, retail-store-wide) use? Thats what I want to know. It would be a pretty posh job if you ask me.