Saturday, July 31

down the rabbit hole

First of all, I have been meaning all week to link to this because all the other blogs in the world have linked to it, and I feel left out. Beautiful, isn't it? HA

Last night I went out to Philthy McNasty's with the girls and Marc. I wasn't really in a bar mood, I had one drink and then was like 'uuuuh, i need to not be here'. Marc and I ended up smoking weed in the park, as we have done like a thousand times recently. We always see bunnies hopping in the park and there were two last night. Oh yeah! It just seems so psychadelic-70's to see bunnies when you're high... adds something to the whole experience.

And I have another date on Sunday with my crush... I want it to be Sunday NOW! None of this Saturday-working-retail bullshit. I just wanna see him. YAY