Wednesday, July 7

fever of 103

This evening, I was sitting down to write a report for my internship, when I was suddenly overtook by MASSIVE cramps. I curled into my bed, started to get freakishly cold and then sweaty. And on came my fever of 103 paired with the worst body ache ever. So thinking I was going to die, I started crying in bed, reasoning it was either mennigitis or TSS or sars or something... and my mom took me to the emergency room.

4 hours of hospital. I got a pelvic exam, blood taken and then I was put on an IV drip for an hour or two. Chest X-rays too. And they don't know what's wrong. My fever is still there, but I am no longer experiencing chills. Do you know what its like to be in bed, under TWO comforters and feeling like you're in 20- weather? AWFUL.

And I get to go back tomorrow for an ultrasound, and if I am still achey and fevered they are going to admit me.

I wish this fever could be cured by more cowbell.

Oh, and did I add that I failed my driving test this morning...?