Thursday, July 22

a glimmer of non-sucking summer: gone.


I had and lost the best job I have ever been offered all in one day.
Less than 24 hours.

A toy company has a traveling promotional tour that goes through the USA every summer. Yesterday, one of two guys on it quit. So word goes out that a promo person is needed ASAP, to be flown to Seattle tomorrow morning. I go in for an interview today and they LOOOOVE me. Like even insult the other people they interviewed, that's how much they love me.

Half way through the interview, one of the guys is like *coffcoff* and I look over and he's holding a piece of paper which says: "YOU SUCK AND SMELL" and has an arrow pointing at the other guy... I got told I was "so cool, we loooove you" when my response to "No reason why you can't travel in the US?" was "uhh, well that Anthrax thing was me..".

And the job? Traveling with some other guy who's in his 20s, around the mid-Western USA for 4 weeks... going to air shows and being on TV to promote this toy. $400 canadian a week, plus $280 US for spending money a week and hotels/flights/gas paid for. SO AWSOME.

The deal breaker?
I can't be hired cos I'm not 21.

They called me to tell me, and the guy was like "But you were the best person we interviewed!! We want you to do it so badly! You were amazing! Next summer we are calling you for sure.. even if we have temp work for you this summer we are calling you..."

The song lies... when you're 21 you ARE FUN. Cos you get kickass jobs and get to escape from the mundane.