Saturday, July 24

glorious CraigsList

On those days when I am feeling bitter and down, there is always something on CraigsList to brighten my day. I don't think enough people from my inner circle of friends know about CraigsList, so I shall enlighten in the best way, with an insanely good story about the perils of shaving your, er, butt-hair. (and if you want more goodness, search the Best-Of list.) It reminds me of those days I was obsessed with Tucker Max. HA.

Some other things to note on this Saturday afternoon:
-my dad is making margaritas, so I am getting drunk.
-I am listening to The O.C. Mix 1 CD right now, it's delightfully good. Even tho back in May I made my own "from the O.C." mix CD which I thought ruled, this one is almost even better.