Monday, July 19

hold me closer, tiny dancer

Last night I think I went a little... weird. It started when I decided not to read a novel before sleeping, but instead chose one of my older diaries. I do this often- re-reading diaries- because I think it's halarious to see what I wrote.

I am a compulsive diary-keeper. I have volumes upon volumes of them, starting in Grade 4 and continuing to today... at least one entry a week, but more like 3-4 a week. Talk about obsessive.

So last night: I eneded up staying up until 5 am, reading diaries and then getting out old pictures and then trying to Google old friends. I think that's what really kept me up-- reading about old friends whom I wished were still my friends.. or guys I had crushes on that I want to find now. HA.

The funny thing is, stuff I wrote in grade 8 and 9 isn't much different than what I'm thinking now.