Sunday, July 11

how to not pick up...

This past weekend has been and excercise on where not to get play.

Some background, first: I am a glorified sample girl (or "promotional representative") for this beverage company. For the most part, I go to Costco's or (ew) Sam's Clubs and tell people about our product. Not so much fun.

Lesson One:
Costco is NOT a place to pick up.
Do you know who shops at Costco? Wives and husbands, pregnant women and men with babies. Over three days, I saw FOUR guys between 20-30 years old who weren't wearing a wedding ring or pushing a stroller.
I swear, by the end I was flirting with dudes just because they were within 10 years of my age. So sick.

And then...

Lesson Two:
The Toronto Street Festival is like couple central.
Jenny and I went last night, to see some music and hang out and EVERYONE was a couple. Holding hands and being all kissy and such. Boys with girlfriends are SO USELESS. People in couples are useless. There were two guys who seemed to not be with girls, but they left.

I need to see some eligble boys pronto. Bachelor profiles now welcome.