Monday, July 26

I am in looooove. And I'm not referring to the fact that I stayed up all last night talking to someone on MSN who I think is hot.. hee hee...which is also something noteworthy...

But no, I am in love with some glasses, some Fendi glasses, as pictured above in the worst quality pic for the nicest looking glasses ever created. I was only looking at the designer glasses for fun, but then was drawn in... they make me look so preppy-chic-hawt. So glam but so classic at the same time.

So I am now starting the "Paige needs these glasses more than anything else" fund: if there are any generous people out there willing to support little moi, then do it!

I actually need the glasses, the optomotrist said today that I can't wear my contacts as much as I do because they are destroying my eyes. So these glasses, which were quoted with perscription for a cool $450, must be mine. There's really no other choice, is there?