Wednesday, July 14

just when you thought...

...that the Conservative party couldn't be any more lame, they go and pull something like this out of their hats:

Did Michael Moore break Canadian election law when he urged Canadians not to vote for Stephen Harper? Ontario’s Campus Conservatives contend that Moore did break the law and they want to see him charged.

Like give me a fucking break. Just because your party leader is a creep and Canadian's don't want to live in a right-wing nation doesn't mean you have to go kick Michael Moore's ass. This is sour grapes to the max.

If it was really a problem, why didn't they act at the time? Oh right, cos that would make the Conservatives look like the petty creepers they really are, and they'd really lose the election. And of course, it was Moore's comments, and not the homophobic and sexist and anti-Canadian comments of various MPs that did them in.

These Campus Conservatives even have a petition website. This is going to be such a waste of money if it goes through.

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