Thursday, July 15

Ken Jennings for Prez!

I need to keep you all updated with the latest Ken Jennings news... and I think the best thing I have read so far is this:

Forget George W. Bush and John Kerry. Ken Jennings is the man who should be the next president of the United States (Winnings Top $1-Million as Jeopardy!Record Set -- July 14).
He knows a lot about everything. Ken is prudent with his money. His Mormon background will appeal to both sides of the centre.
In this era of global terrorism, Mr. Jennings certainly has displayed his immense ability to answer the hard questions and not jeopardize our future.
Ken Jennings for president, indeed!

I agree. If I could afford random websites I would start at "Ken Jennings for President!" website, but because I can't even afford to go out to drink anymore (the SHAME!) the random websites aren't happening so soon. Someone else do it, come on, if there's Zombie Reagan then there has to be a KenJen for Prez site. DO IT.

And now, some KenJen updates (nic name stolen from Slate.. sigh)
Canadian news about Jennings.
Defamer speculating on Alex and Ken's "relationship".
Slate article and KenJen drinking game?