Thursday, July 8

my friends are so nice

I was walking Spike this afternoon, only in a tanktop and sweats when it started to rain. He suddenly started to walk slower and sniff every possible thing to sniff, and I was yelling "Spike! THIS is how you get pnumonia!" ha ha, too bad I already have it.

And then I had two loverly people come to visit me, Jenny and Chris. Chris brought me soup- and I wasn't even expecting him to come by. So sweet.

Jen and I had tea and gossiped about all the people we know, including my former friends who are in seriously lame long-term relationships. And these girls talk about having babies. BABIES. Last time I checked they were only 19 and 20... like you have so much time to have babies, why don't you have some random sex, one night stands and coked-out parties before you settle down!?

I don't get it.