Tuesday, July 13

now i have many jobs

Suddenly, I have gone from being an unemployed, part-time promo girl to having THREE part-time jobs. All not fun, like retail in a bath/bed home store and then the glorious job of telephone surveys, but at least it will fund my beer drinking come September.

This morning I went with my sister into her work.
At 6am.

She works in a coffee shop and opens by herself most mornings, but when my dad is home he drives her to work and lets the dog run through the store (peeing on things) until my sister makes sure there are no creepers hiding in the Blair-Witch-esque basement of the coffee shop.

But my parents are in Cambridge, Mass. this week so I took the dog to the coffee shop and then walked him home. Other people walking their dogs were like "You're out early!" to which I could only mumble *mmhuh* because it was 6:30am afterall.

Then I went back to bed.