Thursday, July 29

something about summer and parks...

There is so much to share, really there is. Terra is coming in a week, and I think I am going to burst with happiness. At least my long distance bill will be happy... I have to call her every time something happens.. after living together for 2 years you grow to depend on a person, and need to contact her at every little freakout or cool thing.

Last night I was on a date with a very hot boy. Things went very well, I didn't get home until 5am. I love when things just progress like that, and you just don't want to go home and leave. Mmm so good. Paige is a happy girl.

Also, the Stever is coming home tomorrow! He sent out another Egypt email today, including such info such as:

Monday was the exam, by that time I had diarrhea approx. 18-20 times since Sunday afternoon, so having to sit on a stool writing a 2 hour exam on a fucking BOX in the sweltering heat surrounded by flies wasn't my idea of celebration like a bat mitzvah or something. WHATEVER. I hated the exam like I hated this so-called course. over it.

Wednesday we're told we LEAVE THE FECES FIESTA A DAY EARLY TO GO TO CAIRO FOR 2 DAYS AND STAY AT A HOTEL. holy fuck shit fuck. I've never packed so fast in my you'd think the gestapo were after me. Too bad the day went by slower than a kid with downs syndrome on a bike.

This weekend is going to be good. Summer just keeps getting better and better I think.