Monday, August 30

about that no more ex-boyfriends thing

Okay so there have been many questions about the "no more ex-boyfriends" thing. I will try and clear up the whole idea, because I really like the concept of not having anymore exs, it works well for me and other people should get on it.

The true definition of "no more ex-boyfriends" lies first in defining what an ex-boyfriend is. You can only get an ex-boyfriend from a real relationship. Like share-lives-make-choices-as-one-meet-the-parents relationships. I have heard girls call their ex-fuck-buddies ex-boyfriends, and it creeps me out. Sleeping with someone does not make you his girlfriend or him your boyfriend, not even if you slept with him a lot. Sorry. If you get over-attached to the boys you are sleeping with, then maybe not having ex-boyfriends is not for you. Maybe you need to try out one of those real relationships... But back to having no more ex-boyfriends. You must avoid these real relationships. They are no good anyways, and only end in heatache and a lot of bullshit.

The essence of only having boyfriends means that you need to have guys in your life. Guys that you're making it with, crushing on, dating, whatevs. But the guys always need to be defined in the plural playboy sense of 'boyfriend'. Like "oh, he's one of my boyfriends..."

The trick is, once the two of you are no longer making it, or on hiatus, or being semi-exclusive with other people, you cannot use the ex-word. You just have to leave him as a boyfriend. To keep a boy as your boyfriend you have to just accept that the two of you are on a pause, because that emotional distance from a "relationship" is the only way to assure that you will be able hook up again in the future. And if he's really one of your boyfriends, you will.

And there you have it, Paige's guide to having no more ex-boyfriends.