Thursday, August 19

camping city-style

So this weekend I am going camping, which really isn't camping because we park our cars next to the camp site we drive up to and sometimes sleep in the cars if it gets too cold. HA.

I am camping with what is suppose to be 25 people but has shrunken to about 15. It's all the people on my frosh-leader (sophs, we are called) team for school, like we are the ones who run Orientation Week. And so to bond, our team is going camping, but so many people on the team are fucking lame and are not coming. And then some other people who graduated from Western are coming just for fun, so it should turn out to be an interesting weekend indeed.

I.E. last year Andrew took it upon himself to help with the Sunday morning clean up by chugging all the left over beers... like a good eight of them. If you have never seen someone get so drunk before 11am that they vomit many times and then try to jump out of a moving car... you need to find someone to do it pronto.

I don't think the weather is going to be all that great this weekend, tho. I want it to be warm enough to go swimming/skinny dipping. I want to get a more of a tan. I want to not have to huddle under blankets and sweaters all weekend.

Oh well... if all else fails, I'll drink till I'm warm. Or smoke pot until I'm warm. And I hear we're doing shrooms.. that should keep me happy!