Tuesday, August 24

dear weather.. where are you??

The weather this summer has definitely been lacking. Today is suppose to be 24 degrees and I am excited for it.. and that means something is OFF for sure, because Toronto August weather is usually like 32 degrees every day to the point where you avoid going outside because you feel like you will suffocate in the heat.

And right now I had to close my window because I'm too cold and I have a sweater on. And Steve and I were suppose to/are suppose to go to the Toronto Island today, for a picnic and to ride the rides and I just want it to be warm so I can tan some more and have it feel like SUMMER.

In other news, I saw one of my Olympic friends on TV today, commenting on a sport because now that he's not a professional athlete (he won a silver a few years ago) he is a commentator for the CBC. I have a few people I know who are down in Athens right now.. no athletes anymore, just people who are involved in Olympics.
I wish Toronto had gotten the 2008 Olympics (damn Beijing), because having the Olympics would just be so cool and be like a huge party and I know that Vancouver is constantly celebrating their 2010 Olympics, goddamnit I want an Olympic party here!!