Friday, August 27

down with ex-boyfriends!

So I took a relationship personality quiz... the results were pretty spot on, saying things like you are more comfortable (and successful) in the meeting and courting mode than you are in a long term relationship... um yeahs, I'm actually addicted to "courting" boys. I love it. Getting boys interested in me is like a full-out challenge for myself in most social situations-- which is probably why I always come across as a tease and why I am always accused of leading guys on.

And so, because of all this and a variety of other reasons I've decided that I am having no more ex-boyfriends. Ex-Boyfriends are simply too complicated for me, so from now on I am only having constant boyfriends. There will be no break-ups, simply delays in the relationship. It's a very passive way of dating I think. Then again, I don't know what will make a boy a boyfriend, but this is all a work in progress anyways.