Thursday, August 12

I am in love with Canadian Idol

Normally I hate all infiltrations of American media into Canada, but I seriously have an issue with Canadian Idol. In that, I love it... more than anything else on TV right now. Last summer it was the same... so much addicted to checking in on who was winning and making sure the people I hate got voted off.

Okay, so at least I don't vote.


I will vote when I know they need my vote to count.

For anyone in the US who knows the insanity of the American Idol phenomenon, you would be surprized to realize that Canada and mostly all Canadians HATE Canadian Idol. Almost no one watches it here, no one cares who wins, people make fun of it constantly. I don't think ANYONE could name who won last year (shit, I watched it and I still have trouble remembering!!)

BUT lets talk about my new CI love, Kalan Porter who is only 18 but I am still going to be his hot older mistress once he is deemed the champ. Or even if he still loses, I am still going to find him and fall in love with him.

A Few Reasons Why Kalan Rules:
-sang "House Of The Rising Sun" for his audition and in the top 10
-lives on a Buffalo Ranch! oh man!
-annnd just watch him perform, you will see many other reasons why this kid deserves to win.