Monday, August 16

life imitates art imitates life

This past weekend was too much like Entourage (which is now one of my most favourite shows ever) because there was such a damned weed drought in Toronto. Or at least last night it was mission impossible... in which I crashed a party of my sister's friends (all younger) but my sister wasn't even there, cos she is in Montreal, so they were like "Paiiige... uhh," and I felt like a huge creeper or something. Anyways, end of it all, there was no pot in my reach, it was upsetting after a hellish day at work and a hangover. HA.

But how fucking awsome would it be to have a sherpa weed guru? Wow, that's my new friendship goal for sure.

And, to note,

A list of cool things that happened years ago on this weekend:
-last year it was the blackout... which was only the coolest night/day of the summer
-woodstock was 35 years ago, the radio has been playing the show all day. hawt.
-i got pink eye last summer.. ew