Sunday, August 1

my egyptian prince

Steve is back!!! We took the city over last night, avoiding the horrors of Carabana (ew) and walking through the UfT campus. We found a fire hydrant blow job machine (see pic) and gossiped like nothing else. I am pleased to say the Steve is still Steve, but 52 days in Egypt has made him more... slow.. aware...insightful almost. It's subtle, but I noticed it the moment I saw him, and the change suits him well. We went to his house and did lines and drank beers until 6 am and looked at pictures and artifacts and talked Egypt a lot. I didn't really sleep... not even 2 valium and an adivan could help me. Oh well, an all-nighter with the Stever was more than needed... I didn't realize how much I missed him until then.