Monday, August 9

Oooh blog gossip, how dirty!

And by gossip I mean bashing? Tsk tsk Paige Six.

Yesterday I clicked over to Jessica Coen's site when I was bored and looking at links on That Ashley Girl. Anyways, Jessica's site was like a big... MRAH boring... to me, but then I awoke this morning to see that she's the new editor at Gawker which is like one of my daily staples of reading gossip. And then I see that she's now also contributing at Low Culture for a female perscective... but it kinda sucks. I'm not trying to be mean, but COME ON, writing about shopping at H&M.. isn't that the kinda stuff Low Culture makes fun of? I looooove Low Culture because of the sass, the snarkeyness and the wit of it all.. this H&M dear-dairy-ish entry crap isn't going to do it for me.

I don't know... there was a comment on LC which summed it up, and made me laugh out loud:

so this is the pathetic bullshit we'll see on gawker from now on? fuck.

Oooh I hope not, I hope not.