Sunday, August 22

summer's almost gone.. so keep fit and have fun, ha

Camping has left me in a haze.

It was really fucking awsome, like 24 people showed, a lot of people who were just our friends and wanted to drink and party and people who have graduated and are moving away in a week... yeah, so everyone was in a good mood and the camp site across from us was a family, and the dad totally looked like Hal Johnston, so we made up stories about him all weekend and his wife laughed and he did jumping jacks for us.. very good. At night it was COLD, like so cold I went to the dollar store on Saturday and bought an imitation Bay blanket for $12 which I cocooned myself in Saturday night.

We went to the beach, all the girls tanned in their bikinis and the boys played frisbee. No swimming, it was too cold. We smoked pot non-stop and hot boxed a tent a few times which was beautiful, and then drank all weekend. I ate so many marshmallows I think I got diabetes from them. We were loud both nights, so the Ranger came this morning and shook our tents, laughing that we were finally asleep and then told us we were being kicked out and had to leave. So we cleaned and went to Tim Horton's and then finally left... I need to spend the rest of the day recouperating.