Monday, August 9

try to set the night on fire

I would like to take now to express just how in-fucking-credible The Doors concert was on Friday night. Like it was beyond any expectations I could possibly have had.

Yes, it was susposidly "The Doors of the 21st Century" seeing as there are only two original band members still hanging around. But Ian Astbury, from The Cult, took the place of Jim, and I must say, he was SO Jim Morission it made me want to die. As in, I want to go back in time and see the real Doors more than ever, because if someone can put that much emotion and power into performing someone else's songs, then seeing Jim do it to his own music would be... AHHHHHH.

We smoked a j and then seemed to melt right into the music.

It was such a mix of older fans and then soo many young people, just living it up. Such a nice vibe, dancey-singing, joints being passed around. With a double-encore, I coulnd't have asked for more (except that perhaps they could have ended with "The End" but I guess I can't have it all...)

It was just...beautiful.. simply beautiful.