Saturday, August 14

when paige is drunk

When I am drunk and mad at boys who say they like me and/or will call me I tend to go to bars and pick up other boys. Or hit on other boys, like this guy who sooooo looked like Kalan from Canadian Idol.. or the other frat boys at the bar or what not.

I am not a bad person, that is just the way my vendictive, evil flirty side works.

GAH I hate boys in general... like stop getting your emotions up, Paige, because when you like a guy, he's too cool to like you back. Or he's too into you, which freaks you out. Or he moves to another city and you are forever mourning his loss and flirt with him on MSN at 345am when you are drunk. Ahhh yeah...

No more drunk posts,,, uh huh.