Wednesday, September 15

everyone loves a parade

So Canada won the world cup of hockey today, and it was absoultly INSANE here, like everyone just went out to the streets and was screaming and waving flags and suddenly there was a huge mob of people on Richmond, and the cops tried to calm it down but then they just started a huge parade. Like at least a couple thousand people, marching down from Barney's all the way to GTs and then back...

I don't even know how to describe it, because it was absoulty consuming, just having people surround you on a street.. almost being pushed along with everyone cheering for Canada and being drunk off their asses. There was a guy who streaked down the street completly naked, and this fat girl took off her shirt, and some guys tried to flip a car and the owner who was inside freaked at them.

I wish I had a camera, but pictures will surface soon I think because it was an absoultly insane night... wow, WOW.