Thursday, September 16

fresh sleeping

I did all my laundry today (two loads, sheets and clothing. hello, I am in university, colours do not exist in laundry-doing) and now comes the best part of doing laundry. That first sleep in the newly sheeted bed. Ooooh baby, when everything smells nice and is soft and cozy. If I wasn't so lazy I would put on new sheets every day.

I also have an unhealthy obsession with Gain laundry detergent. My mom started using it this summer and now I refuse to use anything that hasn't been washed with it. It's like the perfect fragrance of fabulous.

Sweet dreams tonight for Paige... and I deserve it, it's been a long day. Plus, let us all say "Goodbye" to Terra because she has gone to England for the week. I guess all my pent up gossip will wind up on here if I don't have her to vent to. And my life is a huge drama constantly, so this week will be fun indeed.