Sunday, September 5

frosh week (not) forever!

Did I mention that one of the things required of orientation week is that everyone involved signs a contract to not drink or smoke weed for the entire week?

Like, not the frosh... even though they're all underage, they can drink and smoke to their hearts content. Just us, the 900 student volunteers, get a week long detox.

My contract started today, after the bender of a party that was last night. By the way, I didn't make it through the 26er, but I did drink quite a lot and more at the bar and danced and met people and forgot a lot of things too. And then we had to get up and be in meetings at 930 this morning, after staying up until 430 am smoking joints.

Trust me, when you're that hungover at 930 am, you will sign anything that keeps alcohol away from you for a week. I think that's how we get conned into it.

But in all honesty, I am so exhausted and tired already and O-week doesn't even start until tomorrow. Tomorrow at 630 am. Apparently I have also given up sleep for the week too. And when you're running around campus from 630am until 230am every day, you really don't need alcohol. And, I will even say it: weed wouldn't help much either.

Not to say that when our contracts expire next Sunday at 3pm I won't have a huge joint and a 24 waiting at home... but for the week, it's nice to have a bit of a detox.