Wednesday, September 15

The Guide to Random Hook-Ups

Yes, you met someone at the bar, or you kissed a friend by mistake, or you did whatevs with whoevs.

The walk of shame is over, it's way after the morning after, and something needs to be said about the whole situation-- right? Because face the facts- you cannot avoid the guy forever.

The random you shouldn't have randomed with:
If you know you never want to hook-up again, you need to just avoid him for a while. Play it cool, don't go jumping into traffic if he's on the sidewalk coming you way, just throw on some sunglasses and pretend to talk on your celly. Eventually, you need to say HI, but give it a week or so post-makeout, and then he knows you're serious about not hooking up again, and that the one time you did it was a total mistake.

The friend you drunkenly made-out/made-it with:
You want to stay friends, and maybe it was good so you want to make it again. LIGHTHEARTED is the key to dealing with him, and it has to be done the next time you see him. Like "heyy.. we are totally the gossip of everyone now cos of last night! ha ha!"
-If you want to do it again, throw in a wink and a playful cuddle-hug when you say hello to the guy.
-If you don't want it to happen again, add a "Omg, I was so drunk, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have acted that way."

The guy you want to become your fuck-buddy:
Simply repeat whatever happend the last time you made it with him. If you see him only in a sober situation, flirt. Shamelessly. Don't mention commitment, or "what are you doing tonight.." because that reeks of relationships and fuck-buddies are not relationships. You need to call him up for more sex when you're drunk, or about to be drunk. Uh huh.

The guy you want to date:
Sorry, but you've ruined it with starting your "relationship" through a random hook-up. If you didn't sleep with him you could still have a chance, but you need to make your next make-out session a sober one. Or else he will become a fuck-buddy. But real realtionships are lame anyways, I'd personally stick with keeping him on the side. HA.