Friday, September 3

hot tub parties and other drunken events

London is keeping me busy, but it's mostly all the prepping we are doing for Orientation Week. O-week is a HUGE deal here at Western, like it's one of the best weeks in North America, other schools learn how to do o-week right from us.. yeaaah. So I've been through 2 days of training, from what events we're running to how to be a sensitive leader etc etc, and then lots of drinking and partying at night.

I'm almost back in the London groove.

The first night I was here I was very confused, like at the bar not expecting to see London peeps, but now I'm seeing old faces everywhere and super happy to be here. Almost caught up on all the gossip too... yeehaw.

PLUS PLUS I found out yesterday that I got into the Honors stream of my program, which means that I can now get into a Masters program once I graduate. AHH, I almost made out with the Academic woman when she told me I got into Honors, like I was freaking out (and I still am to some extent) because this makes this year so much easier for me.

Alrighty, tonight is a huge pub night, I think I'm going to drink a whole 26er of Smirnoff, go team moi! So I need to get ready I guess. Ha haha.