Sunday, September 19

on events of the past 24 hours...

Britney got married! I don't think much needs to be said about this.. or does it?

I discovered that my chicken I was planning for dinner had gone bad, and so then I made some thai chicken thing and burned my hand in the oven.

I had my want for an ipod slightly averted due to this brilliant public service announcement that Low Culture brought to my attention. Such culture jamming!

I was left alone with the TV this morning, and I was beyond hungover, so I watched an entire Star Wars documentary. I felt so geeky-chic.

There was a girl in the grocery store wearing a pin that said kiss me I'm Latvian and I was like "scuse me, are you Latvian?" and she was like "No, I just got it at a garage sale..." and I almost pulled it off her. I want the pin, much love to anyone who can send one to me.