Tuesday, September 7

So, you wanted pictures from orientation week, but right now I've only got one good one. Either way, it shows off our uniforms (designed by moi) and yes, notice the hott fedoras and such. I love it.

Today was INSANE, because it was move-in day. Yesterday was also a move in day. Which means lifting and carrying and sorting all the stuff all the frosh bring to school. Like TVs and fridges and huge heavy bags. And also dealing with parents who are stressed and thus become cranky. One parent had the nerve to say he was going to tell "our boss" on some sophs, because they were sitting down and thus "not working when they are being paid" UM hello! We are volunteers! So shut the fuck up, and be greatful your kid doesn't go to McMaster where no one is there to move people in.

Anyways, I loooove frosh week, and it's offically begun now, and all the frosh are here! I love just wandering around rez, looking for kids in my faculty, or talking to anyone and giving them tips and helping them out... it's so great.

As for the question about my contract.. yes, I am going to stick with it. One, because there is absolutly no time to get drunk or high, and even if I did, it would not make 5:45am wake-ups and 14+ hour days on campus any better. Trust me. And two, because I actually enjoy having a detox week. It helps me justify the copious amounts of substsances I consume the other 51 weeks of the year.

So why do I do it? Why be an Orientation Soph, which I pay to do, and have to not sleep and all that? Because I just found out that 5, YES FIVE kids from a rez floor I hung out on last oweek are sophs this oweek. Five kids that I spent a week with last year were so into what I did for them that they are now doing it. And I do it because the Sophs that hung around me in my oweek are not only my best friends right now, but made university 150% better for me. Uh huh. I think you need to be here to really understand though.