Friday, September 17

Walking on campus, two things I will think about other girls:
"You are WAY too dressed up for class at 10 am!"
"You need to put some more efffort into how you look."

There is never any middle ground. And as far as I know, it's the way everyone else "rates" a girl on campus- by her overdone fashion show of an outfit, or her lack of concern for attire. I will admit, the over-dressed type greatly outnumbers all other people. Apparently though, Western U has always been like this, and so our school has a reputation that attracts every girl who has more money than sense. (Like how I can't walk between class without seeing at least 10 pairs of UGG boots. ugh!)

Right now, the long tank-top look has taken over.
It started slowly, with a few girls wearing long-tanks in the last days of summer, and through the first days of class. I will fully admit, I am obsessed with long-tanks. It started mid-way through the summer, and now I feel somewhat underdressed or naked when I am not wearing one. I find ways to incorperate the them into any look. It's addictive, like going through a belt or earing phase (I've now lost all male interest, but the girls are going "I totally agree!")

But anyways, the long-tanks. Every day they are longer, more layered and more elaborate that what I've seen the day before. It's almost at the point of overkill, and the trend has only been going strong for a week. I feel like I should just buy ones that goes down to my knees to bite the bullet.

I like trends so much better when they're not trendy.