Tuesday, October 19

confident mystery challenge part two

When I crush on someone, I like to participate in games. I cannot be direct, mainly becuase I don't want to, but also becuase I just am a very passive person. Games are more fun anyways. I guess it adds to the challenge of the whole flirtation.

So the boy from Thursday, my Mystery Crush.
I used my detective skills and came up with some information about him. Like that we've both hooked up with eachother's friends in the past. (I like to call this "degrees of sex-paration". When you live in a University town you realize that everyone hooks up with everyone and it begins to not matter by your third year of school...)

And one of my friends works with Mystery Crush. I wanted to be very suave and bring up the crush in typical conversation, but when my friend called this morning I had been sleeping and so I just blurted out "I hooked up with ___ and I like him!" into the phone. Smooth, Paige.

But still. I did my part. The way I see it, having someone ELSE drop your name to a crush makes it so much easier to guage their interest in you than had you done it yourself. (hello, welcome to passive). And now I wait...

Also, I have been thinking about the idea that "girls want confidence, mystery and a challenge". If that is true for us that what do guys want? Becuase it cannot possibly be the same thing, or can it?