Sunday, October 31

Halloween, part one.

I am Spiderman, mainly becuase I saw the awful movie that is Spiderman 2 on Thursday (reason number 6,345 I hate movies) but also becuase the costume store had a "webman" costume (child size) on sale and so I bought it and cut it a little to make it more comfortable. Mua ha ha.

My old guy roommate tells me "I'm so conflicted, because spiderman is my childhood hero but now you're making me want to have sex with him!"

So we hosted a pre-drink at our house, everyone was dressed fantastic and then we went to this huge mansion kegger nearby. 400 people. It was like being in a movie, where there is a totally awesome party and everyone is dressed up and everything is just fantastic.

I really wish I had more details of the night, but it was mostly lots of drunk and drugs and seeing everyone I know and then more after-party and fun.

I think I am still drunk or high right now. In that case, I need to go smoke a joint and get ready for party part two tonight. muah.