Thursday, October 14

I feel so popular!

Not only did I get a fabulous little mention on whatevs(dot)org earlier this week (I will let the whole anti-Canada thing slide).. And I did get mentioned just before the bit about JoeyNYC who I have always adored. So that's hott.

But also apparently I am getting a reputation for my rap-star- esque drug use through an anon commenter over at That Ashley Girl. Hmmm...

At least I am holding a somewhat-slutty ground over at Steve the Mildly Unwell... as still being his blogger of the "week" to exchange bodily fluids with. Ha ha. I love it. More so now that he's almost back to his hedonistic/addict ways.

But, Tony's nice Thanksgiving message to Canada was pretty much the best part of my week, hands down.

And Terra, may I remind you while you are sad about boys, you still got to chat with your psudo-crush, the hottie that is Anti so clarly all is good in the blogging world. Heh.

Oh, and just becuase I haven't mentioned Ken Jennings in so long, please enjoy this clip from last Friday's Jeopardy show which made me almost spit out my red wine from laughing so hard.