Friday, October 29

more reasons for having no more ex's

I went on a date once. And I liked the guy, things were good but it was apparent he was looking for something like a relationship, or god even knows, but either way, I couldn't handle it. Anything remotely close to dating even was too much for moi.

And so I figured, well.. I can't call him again, becuase what am I going to say? "Yeah, about that us seeing each other again: it's not going to happen."

So I just stopped returning his calls. The perfect passive solution. It was only one date afterall.

Um, unfortunatly, university campus (even when it is a 30,000+ person one) is a small place. And him and I had simmilar friends and ran into each other too many awkward times until April when he graduated and I let go a big sigh of relief.

Fastforward to today. I am meeting someone on campus and suddenly, into the room comes Date Boy. He is at school for commencement, all dolled up in a suit, probably having a very happy day and then he sees me and I just see his face drop.

Awkward... awkward....obligatory "how are you?" conversation... awkward...

At least I now have another reason why there should be no more ex-boyfriends- or even ex-dates now!!