Thursday, October 28

the most random update ever, sorry.

So you know those days/weeks/months when everything is just happening at once and suddenly you realize you haven't slept for more than 5 hours a night since August and then when you try to read things your brain feels like it is starting to shut down?

Bear with me, there is so much to do, no time whatsoever, and everything wants to come to a climax right now. Poor little blog, I don't want you to suffer too..!

But, I will be fine as long as I can make it to this weekend for Halloween: the favourite holiday of every university student.

High school must really suck for halloween, becuase you can't go trick or treating and you also can't put on a slutty costume and get drunk at the bar with all your friends. Ha ha, poor high school. As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing cool about high school. It is the limbo (but much closer to hell) period of life.

Oh! Oh oh! AND so you all know, Terra is going to be here in less than three weeks! Seriously, get excited, it will be debauchery like you don't even know.

And, off to the library I go, becuase I have a "Political Science of Canada" mid-term this evening and I have about 200 pages of readings to go. Augh. I did, however, force myself to bed early last night, and I am feeling somewhat rested now.

PS- New York City is looking so haute right now. Mmmm. (more on this later..)