Saturday, October 2

Parades are NOT rain or shine events.

Because we had our Homecoming Parade this morning and it poured the entire time and it was around 10 degrees outside. That does not equal a good parade.

I, being one of the planners responsible for Homecoming, got to the parking lot at 730 am. That is, after the Homecoming Pub last night, and after the unofficial HoCo After Party which was held at my house until 330am last night.

So there I am, in the parking lot, running on no sleep. And the rain starts at 745am. And I am outside the entire time as Hurricane Canada tears through the city and my sweater and jeans are DRENCHED and we drive through London waving at the minimal crowd on the streets. By the time we made it back to campus, it was 1130am and my lips were blue and my teeth were chattering and I almost started crying. I think the pnumonia is coming back for me. (as if being in the hospital with it this summer wasn't enough pnumonia for one year)

Our float was good though. Despite the rain destroying a lot of it, we still had our aircraft carrier float, complete with playing the sountrack to Top Gun the entire parade. But once the parade was over I got sent home because I looked like the poster child for hypothermia.

All I need is a hot shower and my clothing in the dryer... and I'll be ready for the football game this afternoon.