Tuesday, October 12

So Male Strippers, eh?

The last thing I wanted to be on Thanksgiving Sunday was hungover. But that was apparently out of my control, becuase on Saturday night I found myself in the most insane and fantastic situation ever.

The girls and I had been predrinking and then wandered downtown to find somewhere to go drinking and dancing for the night. But, being a holiday weekend in downtown Toronto, we forgot about all the skizzy people that inflitrate the city from the suburbs, making it impossible to get into any of the hot bars.

But then a bouncer was like "come in here ladies!" for Fluid and he cut us a deal on the cover, so we got in for $5 and he bought us a round of shots(!). There is a VIP room with bottle service, and so we ask for the price list. A ha ha, a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka was something like $260. So we are standing there, trying to decide what to do when this guy comes from the VIP bottle service room and is like "do you want to come over for a drink?"

And then we are surrounded by 5 or so nice looking guys, who introduce themselves and remember our names and they pour us champagne($300+) and order shots of liquid cocaine ($?) and then we drink and drink and they dance and there are some other girls in this white-leather couch and pink lighting room, and there is also this guy in the corner Marty.

But Marty doesn't care to know our names. He is older, like in his 40s-50s and has tattoos of naked girls on his arms, but he pays for all the drinks, giving money to the waitress from a stack deck of bills in his hand. More champage, more shots. They are all drinking grey goose on ice. Bottle after bottle of it.

The guys, I notice, dance a little... flamboyantly. Then one comes over wearing a tank top and I notice all the guys are built. Like really buff. And dancing... like.. strippers.

Oh my god, we are being entertained by a group of male strippers and their pimp...

So what else could we do but continue to do shots and drink bottle after bottle of champagne? We danced and flirted maybe just a little, and somehow we stumbled out of there.

Wow, what a nice weekend.