Monday, October 18

weekend not so much

The rest of my weekend was not as eventuful as Thursday night, but then again I always think Thursday nights are the best, because there are never any expectations for big things to happen, and so then they always do.

Like, I didn't even intend on getting as drunk as I did, or even want to look for guys and then it just happened. The less expectations the better, right?

Sometimes I think I have become more jaded and cynical than ever over the past few years.

But I mean, everytime I get excited about something it's never as good. And I'm not just talking about boys.

Like the kegger I went to on Saturday afternoon. It was an engineering kegger, Meatfest, because there was beer and purple jesus and unlimited steaks and hamburgers. It started at 4pm, we got there at 430 and I was stoned and wandered around and got some food and some purple jesus but then it started to rain/snow/hurricane and the lineups were too long for the food and I wanted mittens and my parka so I went home.

Something odd about coming home from a kegger at 630pm.