Monday, November 15

back to the life of "wtf, paige?"

It was somewhere between 3 and 4am when I decided that it had been a bad idea. It being taking a caffine-water-pill at 7pm, after drinking a grande starbucks coffee. And then having a tea at midnight with the roommates and Terra as we smoked joints and watched many CSI Miami episodes.

So somewhere between 3 and 4am I am trying to fall asleep and Terra is already passed out becuase her flight leaves at 5am and she is more sensible than moi. I wake her up at 4:30 am so she can pack and we have breakfast waiting for her taxi.

I try to sleep after she leaves, but get bored of being in bed and so I read for a bit before I make the brilliant plan that I will walk to the campus gym, at 7am, and work out.

And then, it is somewhere in the middle of my time on the eliptical trainer, when I am feeling like I am going to faint, that I recall seeing a simmilar scenario on Degrassi or Full House as a child. The girl who doesn't sleep cos she's hopped up on caffine or speed and then works out and passes out in public. I concluded I did not want to become an after-school-special.

I went home (after stretching!) and made a huge breakfast, showered and then went to class. And now, I am currently: drinking a coffee and doing busy work. Hmm, I don't think I learn. But unfortunatly the vacation of the past week is over and there just is no more time for lazy.