Friday, November 19

boyfriends not so much

Those reasons why I don't want a boyfriend:

1. Location, location, location... I do not live in one city. I live in two, and travel between others. It's hard for me to imagine dating someone and not being around them all the time, and I don't like long-distance relationships. PLUS I like having different "lives" (so to say) in each city.

2. I think if I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't be able to tell people. Like, there are people, uh okay guys, I prefer them to think I am single. Being in a relationship would just muddle up all those borderline boyfriends I like to have.

3. I have boy-ADD and find a new crush every second.

4. I really believe that one day, one of my mega-crushes and I will hook up. And so why would I want to be in an okay relationship when *anyday* the guy I really, really like could suddenly be available, live in the same city, want me, whatevs.

5. I like being single becuase I don't have to justify my behaviour to anyone. (except moi).

6. I am more into the thrill of the chase right now than I am interested in long-term substance.

7. In the course of the last 10 hours, I have spoken to 5 different crushes. I love them all. Perhaps I am selfish, but ahhh...!