Tuesday, November 2

I was going to write a more "Paige Six" post today, but it's American election day and so I feel like I should say something on that.

Like how fucking lame it is that more Canadians are into the US election, and American politics than they were when we had our own election in June.

Or how sick I am of finding onlyright-wing Canadian blogs. They blend in so well, and then suddenly pop! and they are all "go Bush!" and don't post my comments on the US election because when I read the email request for comments I was high on the pot and didn't realize they only were asking for righty praise. Ew, vomit all over that. Oh well, I really don't want to join the ranks of this and this.

(But seriously, where are the non-right Canadian media/gossip/city blogs?)

I am off to a "Kerry*OK" party tonight at a local art gallery. To drink some wine and watch some results and possibly sing some karaokee.

Honestly, the whole US election has been like one long 4-year reality TV show for me and the big reveal is happening tonight and it's so exciting, but so MRAHH all at the same time. Canada's fucked either way.