Monday, November 29

this is going to need to stop.

The verdict is in, boys are the new girls.

Sorry fellows, but lately there has been just too much lame-ness on your part. It's been going on for a while now too, and at first I, and my girlfriends, thought it was not a big deal. A little emotional attachment here, a little shyness there.

Suddenly things got out of control.

Now it is way too common to hear of guys non-stop calling a girl, even after he's been turned down time after time, and complete with plenty generic excuses not to see him. SERIOUSLY boys, if you haven't hooked up in a month, she probably doesn't want to, period. I've seen guys pull girls into over-emotional conversations about "where their casual hook-up relationship is going" and "why didn't you come over last night?" And girls are brushing off these attached wannabe-lovers faster than ever, because nothing is a turn-off like weakness. Wow... wtf is going on here?

Take for instance that I was at the bar last night and who should show up but The Boy Who Overstayed His Welcome aka Loser. Since that night, or should I say early afternoon, I have avoided Loser like nothing else. But he is still asking my friends about me, and he MSNs me almost every weekend when he is home from the bar, and I never respond and the only time I have talked to him I have been very "I am not interested in you". When he sees me he acts like we are close friends and he always lays on the cheesy lines like nothing else.

So anyways, when Loser shows up at the bar and I avoid him for as long as I can until he comes over and goes to kiss me on the cheek when I say hello, and then I run off, don't even say anything else to him but YET he KEEPS coming up to me throughout the night, or winks at me, or at one point rubs his hand along my back when he walks past me. I wanted to vomit all over his deperation.

To top it all off, when I got home he has MSNed me asking me what I was doing. I seriously don't know if he is for real.

And the same thing happened to one of my roommates. She had been blocking calls from a guy she saw ONCE, 2 months ago, and he ran into her last night (after she changed her number) and was all "we need to talk" and "okay will you please call me?"

It's not even like we are only attracting weird guys. All males are becoming more delicate, the major players, frat-leaders, and popular guys who could get any girl they want. This return to concern and adoration seems to have spread everywhere. I certainly don't want to take-part in it anymore.

Can things go back to the way they were? Thanks.