Wednesday, December 1

beware the glossy magazine

Every time I am in my bathroom lately I have been getting very frustrated. You see, usually I keep nothing but copies of US Weekly, VICE and strut lying around. But then I was attracted to an old copy of Cosmo (belonging to one of the many girls I live with) becuase hottie Mischa Barton was on the cover.

My infatuation with the magazine lasted as long as I took to gloss through the article of Mischa (personally, strut did a much better cover story in their last issue...) but being the lazy person I am, I didn't return the Cosmo to where it came from.

And now, every time I am in the bathroom I am assualted with things like "sex wishes all men keep from women" and "I was abducted and stuffed into a trunk!" and being told that there are ways to make sex hotter (but this is for daring couples only). Hello, like what?

Whenever I am having a quarter-life crisis flash (these things hit me more and more frequently now) I think about how when I was younger and reading Cosmo and the letters and quotes were always by early-twenty-something readers. And they, being 20-23 had all these experiences which seemed so significant becuase of their age.

Suddenly I am 20, with my 21st birthday just more than a month away, and I could very well be a "significant 20-something", writing into Cosmo about my lastest guy issue or beauty question BUT I cannot even comprehend how women my age can consider Cosmo relaible readable. The magazine shouldn't be viewed as anything other than sensationalized rhetoric.

I need to get it out, I feel the Cosmopolitan gives off a bad vibe for my room. Or maybe it is sparking creativity. After all, just by reading a headline like "6 signs you're really meant for each other!" I am inspired to think up things like "if you need Cosmo to define a relationship you probably don't have one!" and "wasn't that a popular Seventeen quiz?"

Or...I will just go out and buy some new magazines.