Thursday, December 2

next week on The OC... Paige!

I just finished watching The OC, and intrigued by the comment that Seth Cohen is the very icon of the over-attached guy I focused on this through the show. Mainly that concept bugs me becuase I adore Cohen, and have gotten a much bigger crush on him as season two has progressed.

OC watching is like a sport in my house. It is always recorded, watched with intense focus and excessivly analyzed for days after. I live with 5 other girls, what do you expect??

Okay, so anyways, yes, Cohen is sickly desperate when it comes to Summer, but I still think everything he does to her is cute (except when he kissed her at The Walkmen concert, tsk..) Yet, if I was Summer I would react just the same.

And such is the attraction of television. It allows us to escape from the ills of our own lives, to be enamoured by things which would never pan out the same in real life. Not to say I don't believe that I will one day be driving expensive cars around California and swimming in infiniti pools.

... Because (insert random segue) I have decided I am so going to be the next member of the Clue Crew (thanks Thigh Master!) and then I get to live in LA. Imagine if I got to meet Ken Jennings? I think I would absolutly die (I don't want to talk about the loss. I watched KenJen since day one, so him not being on Jeopardy is just too much to comprehend right now). Plus think of all the other hott goodness that LA has. And then I can be in the OC on weekends, ha. Cohen and infiniti pool, here I come...!