Thursday, December 2

The problem with my freegan-ish-inspired "diet" is that it really is hard to consider it a diet: Basically I only eat healthy food, but if something is free then it no longer matters. Such as the many baked goods I got during a class presentation yesterday, or the birthday cake I was given to eat later at night when I was stoned.

Those foods can't possibly be considered unhealthy becuase I did not buy them. If food is given to you then you just have to eat it, especially when you're a poor student. (A poor student who today almost converted to organic foods until she saw the prices, and yet still bought many unaffordable things...)

I have been watching too much Food TV recently. Cooking shows are addictive, and I love to cook food while watching them. Not the same thing as on TV, but just cooking. All I want to do is buy fresh foods and be gourmet and cook many fabulous elaborate different foods. And if not that, then there is always the toblerone bar I keep on my desk, yumm.