Sunday, December 19

putting the ho back in holiday!

Top 5 Reasons from the Past 10 Hours
Why I Love Being Home for the Holidays

1. My mom made my bed in Xmas colours, with red and green flannel sheets and pillows. Awww...!

2. My dad broke out the alcohol as soon as I got in the door. I will be drunk for the next two weeks straight, how fabulous.

3. The fact that I can go out in my neighbourhood and always run into random people I haven't seen in years at the bars.

4. Smoking weed in my parents house is much more risque. In turn, it makes it that much more enjoyable.

5. There are more cookies, chocolates, and other assorted delish things for me to eat than I thought possible. I really have nothing to do over this vacation except to eat them all. And be full of holiday cheer. And go shopping. And go out tons. Yessssssss.