Friday, December 10

Re: Speculation on that CNN/FOX footage

There has been so much discussion generated about the footage I posted and so I guess I've had enough time to reflect on how I feel about it.

I think that the footage is so revolting to watch becuase of where it is broadcast. I know that people are ignorant and stupid and say mean things about other countries all the time. The content is not the problem. The fact that it is allowed to be said, as commentary or disguised as "news", on a national news show is what is so wrong.

And then I get attacked for saying imposing CRTC/FCC regulations would be worse than the actual content. This proves a working thesis I have had for a while about public and private broadcasting in America. (some history, for those who aren't up to date in media studies: America chose to have a private broadcasting system becuase they fear that a public one would contain too much gov't propaganda. Canada chose a combination of public and private, and the UK has a private system in place.)

But aye, here's the rub. Darling America, despite your love for private broadcasting and fear for gov't regulations and propaganda, please consider, out of all three above-listed nations, which one has the best media system in place?

I would, without a doubt, say that the BBC delivers the most-objective reporting. And that somehow, SOMEHOW through tax credits and advertisers and all that media-monopoly bullshit, America's media system is the MOST controlled, full of propaganda and lies and no real newsworthy content at all.

When I say that there should be FCC/CRTC restrictions put in place, I am saying this becuase I think that if a company is going to have a broadcast licence for news, they need to stick to that mandate and broadcast news. The bullshit that is the CNN/FOX footage is in no way news, and if it needs to be aired, it should be aired on another station or in another format. I'm not up for censorship, but I am in favor of responsible broadcasting and journalism.

And, to go back to the footage in question:
- if Canada, or any other nation, had broadcast simmilar content in this "tounge-in-cheek" manner (which somehow makes it "okay") do you not think the USA would have freaked out by now? Called the nation communist, or terrorist, or whatevs?
- THE CONTENT ISN'T EVEN NEWS. That is the main problem. The news stations aren't suppose to be in the entertainment industry. I know, you argue, "Ignore Coulter, she's a joke.." but regardless, she is still considered newsworthy for the masses. Don't have a 24-hour news station if you cannot fill the hours with NEWS.

I feel bad for American media. They have been reduced to broadcasting for something even lower than the lowest-common-denominator (who would have throught that was possible?) and the sad part really is that audiences have accepted it. Well, accepted is as "not acceptable" but it's still watched none-the-less.